Telematica today



TELEMATICA™ is innovative technologies for security-sensitive applications required for IoT and M2M solutions that enhance mobility, confidentiality.



Telematica today

TELEMATICA™ supplies, supports and develops the following assets:

  • Operating system for smart cards (java card)
  • Bootloader Software for microcontroller (bootloader)
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)


TELEMATICA™ implements software on a variety of hardware platforms and delivers reliable industrial-grade embedded systems for small power-limited devices such as smart cards, embedded (U) SIM cards and sensors, and customizable software stacks and middleware.


Our Veles JCOS operating system suits for implementation in smart cards and trusted devices and can be integrated into more than 200 million mobile devices around the world.


TELEMATICA™ focused to new technologies, such as Embedded UICC and reprogrammable USIM, which provide a secure profile and activation of subscription to the network directly on consumer devices without a conventional SIM card. Our embedded software fully meets the requirements of inter-industry standards, such as ISO, ETSI, Global Platform.


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